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Being allergic to gluten and dairy you learn to find alternatives and be happy. To be frank I have never until this morning found a bagel anything close to what a bagel was like as a child. Their bagels are amazing, I had an everything sliced with tofu spread. I was elated the bagels texture and flavor was incredible and the tofu cream cheese was perfect. I am so happy and can not wait to visit again, and again, and again. - Christine G.

With two boys with celiac and a wife who is gluten free, it was an amazing experience and my wife could not believe how good the bagels were. She was kind of freaking out, in a good way obviously. Everything I brought home was really delicious and I look forward to coming back. - Josh A.

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This is the best gluten free restaurant in town. The owner Orly and her husband are adorable - so welcoming. It's an great Israeli vibe inside. They mastered the GF baking. Everything is out of this world. Even my non-GF husband thinks it's all amazing. Take your non-GF friends here and don't feel guilty about it. They will love it!! Never have I ever found a better GF bagel. It competes with a regular NY bagel!!! - Lyss L.

The bagels and bread here are AMAZING. By far the best GF I have ever had (by a long shot).  Honestly, the bagels are how I remember bagels...crusty on the outside, chewy on the inside. Unlike many GF versions I have had at other bakeries they were neither super heavy nor foamy in texture. They were PERFECT. - Amy O.

Modern Bread and Bagel has the best gluten free bagels that I have had since I have been diagnosed celiac over 3 years ago. The owners and people who work there are extremely nice and it is clear that this restaurant is their passion. The trendy decor makes you want to hangout in this location for hours and on top of it all the food is amazing! You can tell there is much thought put behind each dish and I am looking forward to going back to Modern Bread and Bagel soon - Amy F.

I got a brownie today. It was so delicious! And other people that I shared with raved as well - people that don’t have the gluten restriction. Seriously amazing. I was diagnosed a couple of months before you opened and you have seriously helped me with being able to find carbs and other deliciousness to balance my diet and fulfill things I gravely miss. - Julie S.

I ate something at Modern Bread and Bagel that I didn’t think existed—a delicious gluten free bagel that has the same taste and texture as a great NY bagel. You would never know it was gluten free. It was that good. - Faye W.

I was diagnosed with Celiac 2 years ago. My thanks is for your bread. I bought a bunch of stuff and have tasted the bagels and the rye bread and I can truly say I was blown away. The rye bread put a smile on my face as the flavors and texture reminded me of an Orwasher’s corn rye I ate as a kid and have been sorely missing. Your bagels on the other hand were/are remarkable. I have not had anything resembling a decent bagel in years and I am so glad I have discovered yours. -Charles D.

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