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General Questions

We’re interested in buying your products wholesale. How do we proceed?

We are limiting new accounts due to the space capacity, but please reach out to us at and we will add you to our list and reach out to you when we are ready to add your account. 

Do you do gift certificates?

We do! Come into the store or order online. Please note that gift certificates for the restaurant and shipping orders are not the same.  Click HERE to purchase a gift card for shipping orders and restaurant pre-orders. Click HERE to purchase a gift card for same day online pick up/delivery orders.

Questions about Ordering: 

Can I make an order online?

Yes! To learn more about our different ways to order, click here.

How far do you deliver?


If you place an order through DoorDash, Toasttab, UberEats, or GrubHub, your delivery can be up to 5 miles away, only within Manhattan. Not local? We ship!

What is the difference between placing an online order and a pre-order?

Online ordering is for real time orders for take out or delivery from our restaurant or bakery.  We suggest placing a Pre-Order for items that you know you want in advance so we can guarantee we will have it for you.  

Is your cafe dine in only or take out too?

We are a quick service concept.  During brunch hours, you can conveniently order fresh pastries, breads, bagels, artisanal coffees & teas, salads, sandwiches and more at our counter. We have tables outside available on a first come first serve basis, or you can take your food over to enjoy at a table inside Thyme and Tonic Monday-Friday during brunch hours.  During dinner hours, we have tables set up inside and outside. We don't take reservations. All tables are available first come first serve. Thyme and Tonic's tables are not available for use during dinner service.

I can’t place my online order. What should I do?

It is possible that we are out of certain items in your order, there are issues with the payment, or there is something going on with the system. You can go ahead and call or email us and we will troubleshoot it with you!

A third-party delivery service cancelled my order. What do I do? 

Unfortunately, this is out of our hands. It likely means that we are out of something, something was not input correctly, or there was an issue with the delivery service. We recommend that you try again or order delivery from our website (we use DoorDash). Reach out to them directly. 

Can I request modifications for my order online?

Modifications that are not on the menu (like scooping a bagel) will not process in our system and we will unfortunately not be able to see them, so we may miss your request. 

Questions about Catering:


Do you offer catering for big events?

Yes, please contact us for catering inquiries.  Click HERE to see our catering platters. Click HERE to view samples of some custom catering packages that we offer. 

Do you take special or custom orders?

It depends on the request! Please reach out via our CONTACT page or phone to find out.

Do you offer private dining & personal chef experiences for parties at home?

Please contact us for private dining & personal chef inquiries.

Can I rent out the space or have a special event on site?


The Modern Bread & Bagel space can accommodate up to 40 guests inside and outside. The price for a buyout would depend on the night. If it's a Friday night shabbat dinner, it would be $99 per person for a five course dinner, not including tax or 20% tip. The price comes with basic wine (one bottle for every four people), but would be extra charge for more premium wines. If it's a weeknight, the price for a buyout would be a min spend of $4,000, not including tax or 20% tip.  We also offer private party packages at Thyme and Tonic.  You can CONTACT Thyme and Tonic for a quote 

Questions about Ingredients:

Are you a dedicated gluten-free space? 

Yes, our facility is 100% gluten-free and celiac safe.

Do you use oats in your products? 

No, we do not use oats in any of our food products.  We have oat milk availabe at the coffee bar. 

What kind of flour do you use in your products?

We use Blends By Orly gluten-free flour in all of our products. Read more about it here

What is the calorie/carb count on your bagels? 

We don't have a nutritional panel on our bagels, but they are about the same calorie/carb count as a regular bagel.  We use a mix of different gluten free grains that mimic that nutritional content of wheat flour, and otherwise, the ingredients are the same as that of a regular bagel. Meaning, no strange ingredients! 

Do you offer any dairy-free or vegan options?

Yes, we have a variety of vegan and dairy free breads, cakes and pastries! See menu for details.  

I have a lot of allergies and food intolerances. Do you publish a list of ingredients for your products? 

Here is a directory with our bakery and deli items that list the ingredinets in each item.  Please note that as a restaurant/bakery, we are under no obligation to publish this information (unlike a wholesale product). We have put this directory together because we understand so many of our customers have unique food intolerances. 

Kosher Certification:

Are you kosher?

Yes. We are certified Kosher by the International Kosher Council, under the supervision of Rabbi Zev Schwarcz. You can view our kosher certificate here. Learn more about IKC at

Are you closed on Shabbat? 

Our Columbus Ave location is closed on Friday night and Saturday during Shabbat.  Our other locations are open on Shabbat, but we have a Shtar Mechira in place.  

Questions About Shipping: 

Do you ship?

Yes, we ship bagels, bread loaves and pastries.  Click Here to order!

My order has already shipped and I want to change something about the delivery.  What can I do?

You can manage your shipping preferences on FedEx Delivery Manager. Click Here!

How to you recommend storing the breads and bagels after they are delivered?

There should have been heating instructions in the box. If they were not included, bagels and breads have a shelf life of 2-3 days at room temperature in sealed plastic bags. We recommend slicing and toasting before eating. For freezing, slice bread and store it in freezer safe Ziploc bags for up to 3 months. When ready to eat, remove slices from the freezer and toast.  DO NOT refrigerate the breads, as it will dry them out.  Enjoy

How long will my order take to ship? 

We ship orders on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. We do not guarantee same week shipping. So, if you order on a Wednesday, your order will likely ship the following week. Once your order ships, you will receive an email with a tracking number-- be sure to check your spam folder. If you're traveling and need to change your address or cancel and resubmit later before we pack and ship it, let us know at and we will help you out!

Job Inquiries:

Are you hiring?

We are hiring for all positions. For job inquiries, contact us HERE.

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