Questions about Ingredients:

Are you a dedicated gluten-free space? Yes, our facility is 100% gluten-free and celiac safe.

Do you use oats in your products? No, we do not use oats in any of our products.

What kind of flour do you use in your products? We use Blends By Orly gluten-free flour in all of our products. Read more about it here

What is the calorie/carb count on your bagels?  We don't have a nutritional panel on our bagels, but they are about the same calorie/carb count as a regular bagel.  We use a mix of different gluten free grains that mimic that nutritinal content of wheat flour, and otherwise, the ingredients are the same as that of a regular bagel. Meaning, no strange ingredietns! 

Do you offer any dairy-free or vegan options? Yes, we have a variety of vegan and dairy free breads, cakes and pastries! See menu for details.  

I have a lot of allergies and food intolerances. Do you publish a list of ingredients for your products?  We don't publish a list for proprietary purposes, but if you have a particular question about a product or an ingredient, please contact us, and we will give you as much information as possible! 

Kosher Certification:

Are you kosher? Yes. We are certified Kosher by the International Kosher Council, under the supervision of Rabbi Zev Schwarcz. You can view our kosher certificate here. Learn more about IKC at

Are you closed on Shabbat?  Yes, we are closed on Friday night and Saturday during Shabbat.  

Questions About Shipping: 

Do you ship? Yes, we ship bagels, bread loaves and pastries.  Click Here to order!

My order has already shipped and I want to change something about the delivery.  What can I do? You can manage your shipping preferences on FedEx Delivery Manager. Click Here!

How to you recommend storing the breads and bagels after they are delivered?  We recommend freezing any breads or bagels that won't be consumed in 2-3 days.  Prior to freezing bagels and breads, we recommend slicing them, so that when you are ready to eat, you can simply pop a slice into the toaster! 

Job Inquiries:

Are you hiring? We are hiring for all positions. For job inquiries, contact us here.


Questions about Ordering: 

Can I make an order online? Yes! To learn more about our different ways to order, click here.

What is the difference between placing an online order and a pre-order?

Online ordering is for real time orders for take out or delivery from our restaurant or bakery.  We suggest placing a Pre-Order for items that you know you want in advance so we can gaurantee we will have it for you.  

Is your cafe dine in only or take out too? We are a quick service concept.  You can conveniently order fresh pastries, breads, bagels, artisanal coffees & teas, salads, sandwiches and more at our counter. We have tables outside available on a first come first serve basis.  

Questions about Catering:


Do you offer catering for big events? Yes, please contact us for catering inquiries.

Do you offer private dining & personal chef experiences for parties at home? Please contact us for private dining & personal chef inquiries.