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We are searching for skilled, creative Bakers who strive to provide excellent baked items and service in an efficient, professional manner. The Baker will design, execute, and improve recipes, perform quality checks on ingredients and finished products, use icing, glazes, fillings, and decorations to enhance item presentation, and process orders from customers. You may also answer questions related to ingredients, technique, clean workstations and equipment, and perform other duties to ensure that customer needs are satisfied and the bakery is well-stocked and operating smoothly.

To be a successful Baker, you should be efficient and friendly with a focus on food quality and customer satisfaction. You should be organized, decisive, attentive, and possess a strong understanding of baking techniques.

Baker Responsibilities:

  • Designing and improving recipes.

  • Measuring and combining ingredients and using mixers, blenders, heat sources, and other equipment to make baked goods, such as cookies, bread, cakes, etc.

  • Decorating and displaying finished products.

  • Testing ingredients and finished goods to ensure that each item meets food safety and quality controls.

  • Keeping records relating to inventory, and production levels.

  • Cleaning and restocking workstations and ensuring that all equipment is sanitized and prepared for the next shift.

Baker Requirements:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent.

  • More education or experience may be preferred.

  • Strong communication, time and resource management, and planning skills.

  • Attention to detail, especially when performing quality inspections on ingredients and products..

  • Willingness to work independently or with other team members to solve problems, plan schedules, fulfill orders, and create amazing baked goods.

  • Flexibility to work around customer demands, including early morning, night, weekend and holiday availability.

  • Ability to work in many different environments, stand, walk, bend, use hands and appliances, and lift heavy items for extended periods.


We are looking for a competent Restaurant Server to take and deliver orders. You’ll be the face of our restaurant and responsible for our customers’ experiences.

Food server responsibilities include ensuring our tables are clean and tidy when guests arrive, presenting menus and serving food and beverages. You need to be quick on your feet (literally and metaphorically) and have a polite and friendly attitude. If you enjoy talking to people and thrive in a fast-paced workplace, we’d like to meet you.

Your ultimate goal will be to provide high-quality service that will help us maintain and attract customers.

SERVER Responsibilities:

  • Prepare restaurant tables with special attention to sanitation and order

  • Attend to customers upon entrance

  • Present restaurant menus and help customers select food/beverages

  • Take and serve orders

  • Answer questions or make recommendations for complementary products

  • Collaborate with other restaurant servers and kitchen/bar staff

  • Deal with complaints or problems with a positive attitude

  • Issue bills and accept payment

SERVER RequirementS:

  • Proven restaurant serving or waitering experience

  • Hands-on experience in cashier duties

  • Attention to cleanliness and safety

  • Patience and customer-oriented approach

  • Excellent people skills with a friendly attitude

  • Responsible and trustworthy

  • High school diploma is a plus but not required

Deli Clerk/Barista

We are looking for a courteous, customer-focused Deli Clerk who is committed to providing customers with the best service possible. Deli Clerks will clean and prepare workstations and displays, answer questions and respond to customer requests, and provide information to clients to ensure that they select the products that best fit their needs.

To succeed as a Deli Clerk, you should be polite, prompt, and knowledgeable. Additionally, you should be able to meet the physical demands of the position while providing customers with the best possible experience.

Deli Clerk Responsibilities:

  • Providing responsive, exceptional service to deli counter customers by answering questions, making recommendations, providing samples, and responding to requests.

  • Recommending, slicing, weighing, packaging, and pricing fish and cheeses.

  • Preparing special orders and party trays.

  • Updating displays, cases, and other customer-facing areas to ensure new items and promotions are showcased.

  • Ensuring that work areas are ready to service customers by cleaning surfaces, equipment, and floors, removing trash, and confirming that tools are in working order.

  • Following all food safety and sanitation procedures established by the company and other regulatory agencies.

  • Cooperating with others to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Confirming that all displays, products, and services comply with company standards.

Deli Clerk Requirements:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent

  • Deli counter or food preparation one year required

  • Ability to lift heavy items, ranging from 25 to 50 lbs, 

  • Excellent customer service, communication, and math skills.

  • Ability to comprehend and follow all company procedures and regulations regarding food handling and sanitation.

  • A courteous and efficient approach to handling customer requests.



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