The Modern Meal Plan

Avoid the store and enjoy incredible food and fresh groceries delivered straight to your door 

What You Get:

  • Three Meal Kits a Week + Fresh Bread & Dessert

  • Menu Changes Weekly

  • Add Groceries at Wholesale Prices

  • Skip a Week or Cancel Anytime

  • Limited Spots Available

  • Recipe Cards with Instructions + Video Tutorials 

All items are pescatarian, kosher, and free from nuts and gluten

The Details:


Each Meal Kit is developed by our team of talented chefs and serves up to two adults and two children

Each Delivery Includes:     

  • A Ready to Bake Meal Kit - 15 min of prep              (Ex: Spinach and Ricotta Lasagna and Garlic Knots)

  • A Quick Fix Meal Kit - 30 min of prep                       (Ex: Homemade Pizza and Chopped Salad)

  • A Gourmand Meal Kit - 60 min of prep                      (Ex: Pomegranate Glazed Salmon, Crushed Rosemary Potatoes, Balsamic Brussels)

  • A Fresh Baked Loaf of Bread 

  • Weekly Dessert Special for Four


 $180 per week

 Only $12.50 per meal per person



Please indicate your interest so we can build our delivery route

   Add Groceries to Your Delivery at Wholesale Prices + Meal Plan Members Receive Special Pricing on Bagels and Other Items from Modern and Arba!

Grocery Items Include:

Fruit - Vegetables - Eggs - Milk - Cheese - Fish

    Coffee - Wine - Flour - Sugar - Yeast - Wine

              Toilet Paper - Aluminum Pans - Gloves - Masks & More!


Prepared Food Items Include: 


Bagels - Bread - Pastries - Cream Cheese - Dips - Sauces -  Baking Kits & More! 



472 Columbus Ave

New York, NY 10024



Tel: 646-775-2985








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